Friday, February 13, 2015


Happy FWF Day:

I broke out my water color pencils for the first time.  I had a blast making this fun card for my niece.  This is why I craft, for fun days like these.

Have a great weekend!

Unity stamp:Mind and beauty
Pater: Sweet fairy by Prima
American craft thickers
Color box Ink
Derwent Water color pencils
Embellishments: from stash

Friday, February 6, 2015



I used the 11/14 KOTM for this card.  It is called What Lies Within Us.  I just love the sentiment in this kit.

Bird journal card- Basic Grey  Hello Die Cut Journal Cards
Stamps- Unity Stamp Company  KOTM What Lies Within US
paper-MME Lost and Found
Burlap paper- DCWV
Twine- American Crafts
Wooden hearts- Um Wow Studios Heart Confetti
Trinket Cross- stash
Pearl- Memory Makers

Here we are again.  Another week another card.  The card I made took me ALL day.  Not because it was complicated but because I have a cold.  It is the kind of cold where you have a scratchy throat so you wake up choking in your sleep.  My mouth is actually sore from sucking on cough drops.  You cannot go to work as hospitals(I work as a Speech Pathologist) frown on fevers, you are too miserable to sleep but too miserable to really think and accomplish any work.  So I would try to sleep, doze of wake up coughing and get up work on cards and cleaning then try to go back to sleep.  I did slip in a few episodes of Psyc on Netflix than I decided I should try to watch a movie.  I am not a movie person.  I never really enjoyed watching them.  If I watch a movie it is usually a comedy and I will let you in on such a little not so much secret.  I HATE kids movies.  I have been going to kids movies for nearly 15 years.  It is a consequence of having a huge age span from your oldest to youngest.  Oh you say what about....nope.  I really dislike them all.  OK, maybe "Up" and "Sponge Bob The Movie" had their moments, but for the most part I think it is a miserable way to spend an hour and a half.  Yes, I have seen parts or all of everyone of the Disney movies. I have two girls, one which lived in princess dresses for three years of her life.  Perhaps I have a missing mommy gene for children's movies.  I think it was circa 2001 and Thomas and the Tank Engine movie, that I love my last bit of patience for them.  Peter Fonda should have to give back his Oscar for appearing in that terrible movie.  If any you had a boy that is around 19 now you know what I am talking about.

Today I decided to rent Magic Mike on Amazon.  I did not see it the first time around and a friend of mine said, "Oh, you have to see it".  Plus with all the new trailers out for it I thought I should check it out.  It was sort of like a bad 80's movie like Flash Dance but instead of a beautiful girl that welds by day and dances at night it is a handsome guy that dreams of being a furniture maker by day and dances at night.  The plot line was not any better than a Disney movie, if Disney movies had nearly naked men in them.  The men are very attractive, but truthfully I wish I would have skipped it.  It made me feel like I should go to confession(which I have only done once, when I converted to being a Catholic) after I watched it or at least take a shower to wash away the feeling that I was a creepy old lady for watching it.   So I am thinking I will not make it through a showing of Fifty Shades of Gray when it opens up next week.

Have a great Weekend.