Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bonus Autumn days

Unity Brown Thursday Blog Hop:

Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving?  Here in lovely MN we have no snow...just rain.  Can you believe it?  So I feel it is OK to still be sending out fall cards.  After all last weekend was like a perfect fall day but the leaves are all gone.  It gave everyone a chance to finish up the last of the yard work and winter prep.  Around here, this means the dreaded garage clean.  My husband is pretty chill but one thing he is all about is in the winter we must be able to  park both of the cars in the garage.  "If I have to scrap my window in the morning during winter because my garage is full of shi$, than it is time to shut 'er down,"he will annually state.  Twenty years living in this house together and it is like clock work.  A summer of "dumping" on his side of the garage has taken a toll and then "Dave"(the local weather man) mentions there will be accumulations of snow, and my husband goes into what I call, crazed mode.  Boxes, clothes, life jackets, sports equipment, and treasures behold line the sidewalk.  I frantically run out and grab items that I want to save from the Goodwill graveyard or trash.  "No, I need that", I will scream.  He will reply, "really LB, you needed it so much it was in the back of your van all spring and on the garage floor all summer, really?"  Or I say..."hey that is where that went, I was just looking for it".  Negotiations are tough, as he is a man with a plan this late in the game.  After a day out there, that line of treasures magically disappear to their proper place, or maybe to our little shed that he can pack like he is playing Tetris.  Mean while I am thinking how I need to find out what Goodwill he dropped it off at so I can go buy it back on Monday.

At the end of the day we usually go out to eat.  Where the kids and I must hear, "Can you believe I got that all done, it is forecast  to snow you know?", or "I was getting that done no matter what today...did you know that?"  Yes, we knew that, I said, like clockwork.  Happy bonus fall days everyone.

Here is my Unity Brown Thursday blog hop entry.  

Unity Stamps-Love and joy for the Holidays KOM 10/14 sentiment
Unity grab bag-leaf(one of my most used stamps)
Paper: 6x6 Chickadee
glimmer mist- Ranger glimmer mist- marshmallow
Twine- American Crafts
ink-brown Momento , Marigold Distress ink

Now the best news.  There is a huge sale going on at Unity Stamp Company  You should head over there now.  

Happy Shopping and thanks for looking.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


OK Seriously how long can it take to figure out that FWF moved to Tuesdays or is it Wednesdays.  Tonight I made quick card with my go to design.  My house is a mess, I am chairman of a concession stand this weekend and need to be getting the final details done, I have been in bed for 3 days with bronchitis, I am part of the sandwich generation(I think that is what someone told me it is called)-I have a 85 year mother who needs care 8 hours a way and kids in school and constant activities and a husband that has the patients of a saint that is running very thin I might add.  So what does one do in this situation?  You make a list and than another list you congratulate yourself on being somewhat productive and getting out of bed before noon and than you make a card.  It made perfectly good sense to me.  I hope you enjoy it.

Unity stamp-kissmas hedgie
Pink Paisley 6x6 paper
momento ink-brown
AC twine
My minds Eye wooden embellishments