Friday, June 13, 2014

Under the Weather

I have a friend named Paula that makes multiple cards at a time.  I have always admired this.  I toil over a card for hours.  I get the Stamp of the Week from Unity Stamp Company.  This week stamp is the cute Lil Peep Under the Weather.  I feel like I was channeling Paula because I started making cards with this cute little stamp and I came up with multiple themes. Get well, congratulations, miss you ect.  I even combined it with my all time favorite stamp My Panda Balloon, it is Unity's {kinda}.small stamp.  This is the one I am sharing for Friends with Flare.

This one I used my favorite ribbon on from 3girl Jam.  It is funny how a little ribbon gives it that wow factor.

This is the graduation card I made I just sentiment from KOM 2013 Totally and Utterly Amazing.  I have used a ton of stamps from this kit this past month for graduations and birthdays.

Here is the same lil peep stamp with a thank you sentiment, with a little embossing and a little bling.

It is a beautiful Friday.  It was named one of the top 10 in MN today.  I enjoyed a Mojito with one of my friends at one of our favorite cafes for lunch in their outdoor seating area. The food was yummy, the weather was perfect and the company was amazing. I hope you are finding something great to do this weekend.



  1. your cards are very pericuos and sweet and cute!

  2. All of these cards are wonderful! Sounds like you had a great outing today...I'm envious!

  3. You made great work of the panda and peep! They all look fab!

  4. So cute! I really like the hand drawn borders on them, it finishes them beautifully!

  5. Look at you go, Girl! Your cards are all adorable! You are a card making machine! I'd like to apologize for leading you down the path of obsession. Truly, though, it's a great path to be on! It's such pretty ribbon!

    1. You are right it is a great path. I hope all is well.

  6. What a nice set of cards. Super sweet and FUN.

  7. these cards are so cute. i love how you got so many unique cards from using the same papers and design, great idea!