Friday, January 23, 2015

Sock Fairy

I will spare you my philosophizing today.  I have really done nothing all week in the form of cleaning my humble abode or laundry for my irritated crew...  "Mom I do not have any clean socks in my drawer".  Even after I explained to them numerous times there is a basket in the basement overflowing with socks, they think there is a magical sock and underwear fairy that delivers them to the drawers.  I say,"go find them in the sock basket", they look at me blankly and either crash in to a sobbing puddle on the floor or put on yesterdays socks(depending on the amount of sleep they had the night before).  Really... really the seven steps to the basement and the cognitive stress of finding a pair of socks that match are just to stressful for you?  Anyway this girl needs to hit the laundry before there is mutiny here or they are quarantined for stinky feet by their school.  So here are the cards I made with Unity Stamps Gossip, hot flashes & Crazy.  I made tons of cards with these stamps.  Birthday, hot flash funnies, encouragement card for a friend getting chemo, and "just a note" cards.  I will post them below after I show share my FWF card.

Than I made another one for my best friend since I was in 4th grade.  She is a year and a half older than me and I always tell her how old she is and she just turned the big 5-0.

How fun it this?  I added stamps from Damn your old Unity stamp. Just spruced the cake up with a little Stickles and a green accent.  I can not lie.  I love this card.
Here are some of the mixed bag I made from the Gossip, hot flashes & Crazy.  Great stamp and I was looking for the link it is on sale this week at the Garage Sale over at Unity Stamp Company.

Happy Friday everyone.  Spend it with someone you love.


  1. Lovely set of cards. Have fun matching those socks.

  2. Like the different texture layers of this.

  3. Very fun bunch of cards! I can commiserate on the laundry. I wish there was a sock fairy too because my kids also think it's me (and all that laundry cuts into our craft time)!

  4. All a little different, and just beautiful. P.S..... love the colored doily.

  5. Sobbing puddle on the floor???? That would be me, not the family members!! Ha.
    Great cards. Lots of fun layers and textures.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  6. you had fun with these cards!

  7. Saw this on the Unity Friends with Flair. These are fun cards!! Hope the sock fairy will help you out on the magical laundry and delivery to the sock drawers!

  8. Lovely cards! We gotta have a sense of humor when it comes to our kids!

    1. Dawn thank you so much. I appreciate you looking at my blog.

  9. Thanks for sharing your wonderful cards.
    I'm stopping by from Unity's Friends with Flair.
    Crafty hugs,
    Designs By Dragonfly {blogspot}

  10. Great cards, got a good laugh over the socks :)

  11. I love that vintage look on your cards!!! TFS . Saw this on FB unity share page.

  12. These made me smile. heeeheee. Love that set.

  13. Love the vintage image you used on these fab cards - they turned out great!

  14. I can see why you came up with LOTS of designs for this fun stamp set. LOVE 'em all...hopefully your sockless children have survived the weekend! Loved your post! Happy Sunday. ~Donna K @ Studio307

  15. Love this set, and your b-day card creations! May you snag a laundry fairy to help you out soon, too! thx for stopping by my blog - Unity's FWF just has a way of bringing us together! :)